Metalo-Nicho, S.A.

Metalo-Nicho, S.A. is a technological partner in the industrial metal-mechanics and metalwork area 


Our experience and knowledge enable us to dominate all the manufacturing process from the creativity and project, passing through the production, assembly and after sale.


We have a team of experienced professionals, ready to correspond to the most difficult demands and we are equipped with production equipment necessary for the development of our activities. 


At Metalo-Nicho, S.A. we always ensure the most adequate solution. Our products and solutions are competitive, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of quality level, concept and aesthetics. 


Our history is made with people who are totally committed and dedicated to this global project. 


We evolved in a sustained and balanced way, always honouring our commitments. 


Currently, our service is complete, comprehensive and we take pride on being in the forefront of technological equipment


At Metalo-Nicho S.A. we believe in new challenges. Therefore, we continue to evolve and we define ourselves even more as an innovative company, which develops adequate solutions to the needs of our customers and markets. 


The proof of our success is in the solid customers portfolio, formed by important companies of the national and international business fabric. 

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25 years
Metalo-Nicho Factory
PME Líder


Metalo-Nicho SA
Arraiolos - Metalo Nicho

The Metallo-Nicho manufactures machinery for the agricultural sector. Contact us!

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